Hours & Rates

Dog Day Care & Dog Boarding

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2019 HOURS & RATES                                                           

DAY CARE        $28 Daily per dog (+GST)

BOARDING      $35 Daily (+GST) (am to am or pm to pm)

                           $25 Daily for additional dog sharing the same kennel (+GST)
                                 Please Note: We will be CLOSED for Daycare 
                                            December 21st thru January 2nd 
                              We will be closed to the public for ANY boarding 
                                                    drop offs or pick ups
                                           December 23 thru December 26th
                                     While we care for our Christmas Guests 
                                  These Dates are Subject to Change for 2019

DROP OFF & PICK UP TIMES ( for Boarding and Daycare)

7:30 am to 9 am (AM)

4 pm to 6 pm (PM)

STRICTLY ENFORCED for quietness reasons. Please do not visit the kennel outside of these designated times unless you have made special arrangements to do so. Meet and Greets may be booked by calling: 250 656 6449 
Or email us: [email protected] 

Special arrangements to drop off or pick up your dog outside of designated hours may be made in advance. A $20 fee will be charged for this service. 
We cannot schedule special drop offs or pick ups during  nap time (12-2)


Daily 7am to Noon & 2pm to 7pm

                 Doors closed to public except for Drop Off/Pick Up Hours

  1. Please bring a comfortable blanket or bedding that smells like home (Preferably washable & non valuable)
  2. Bring Food & Treats that your dog is used to eating. Please portion into individual servings per meal with the name/brand of the food on one of the portions. We are happy to feed raw and canned food as well. We serve 2 meals daily.
  3. Dogs eating K9 food will be charged an extra fee of $2 per day.
  4. We supply all dishes.
  5. Please put medications in a ziploc baggie labeled with your dog's name and breed and detailed instructions for administering the medication.
  6. Please DO NOT bring toys.
  7. After dropping your dog off with us, please take your leash with you.
  8. Vaccinations are for your dog's protection as well as the other dogs' PROOF required of the Distemper/Parvo combination (usually their annual booster), Rabies & Kennel Cough. 
  9. Emergency Numbers are very important should something happen. Please ensure we have current contact numbers each time you board with us. 
  10. Completed Application forms and signed Waiver (below) are needed to admit your dog. They can be emailed ahead or brought on your first visit.
BARKING POLICY:  We cannot have a dog 'repetitive barking'; A repetitive barker is a dog who barks continuously for a period of 10 minutes.

Please understand repetitive barking is not an ordinary occurrence even for puppies or first time guests.

If your dog is a 'repetitive barker' we will use a very humane method to quiet the barking. A citronella anti-bark collar gives a quick burst of citronella spray under the dogs chin. We have had good success with this collar.  Dogs are very smart and figure it out quickly & without stress. The Citronella Spray Collars are very effective but expensive to use …

* Excessive Barkers - If a Citronella Anti-Bark collar is used on your dog there will be an additional $5 day charge or $20 per week.

9.  Payment required upon your pet's drop off.
     We accept Visa Mastercard Debit Cash

 K9 Country Cottage does not offer refunds or credits for early pick ups

*   *   *   *   *

K9 Country Cottage has a no PIT BULL Policy

We love and respect all dog breeds. However, we feel that we are not equipped to keep or maintain Pit Bulls in our facility. A pit bull is defined as any dog that is an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Stafforshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one or more of these breeds. There are many local facilities that will gladly look after you.

K9 Application Forms

Please read and sign this form and answer all questions carefully to ensure that your pet's experience at K9 Country Cottage is pleasant and safe.

K9 Application Form – Click to Download PG1.. (link to pdf)
K9 Application Form – Click to Download PG 2. (link to pdf)
K9 Waiver Form – Click to Download Waiver Form (link to pdf)
K9 Checklist Form - Click to Download Checklist Image (link to jpg)

‘Our goal is to ensure that your dog is well looked after & happy!' 

Tracy & Jenna